My name is Amanda. I am a stay at home mother of two intelligent, beautiful children. My love of teaching and learning led me to choose to home school my children. This means a lot of time at home with children (sometimes more than two because I babysit). Many times, I have been told I have “the patience of a saint”, because I have not gone completely insane. Staying cooped up in a house with kids can do it to you. Don’t believe me? Try it. We will talk after that…

There is a method to my insanity or sanity, I should say. I escape on a regular basis. My first true love comes and steals me away to exotic locations with exciting adventures and mysteries. Yes, my love is rich. Rich with knowledge and experience. If you haven’t figured it out, my first true love is books. I am a bibliophile – a lover of books and all things story related. I am a Belle building her own library, even have my own Beast to assist me.

As I grew older, my love of stories extended to film, both movies and series. Because, let’s face it, my house is rarely quiet enough for me to sink my teeth into a great book. In fact, as I have been typing this post, I have fixed a toy fishing rod, almost dropped my laptop due to an elephant stampede, and redirected my son to actual schoolwork over doodles. I dearly love my children and they dearly love to make sure I am never sitting calmly. I am sure many parents can relate to this struggle.

Back to the point, many of the books I love are converted into movies and television series. Even with some being large disappointments, I still have unlimited optimism that one day they will present an adaptation that is the exact replica of the book. Yes, like many other fiction fanatics, I will watch the super long version of the book turned movie or series. Until such a media adaptation arrives, I search through the many adaptations. I hope to assist others in finding great fiction and great media to entertain you.