Most people online recognize me for my blogging, but since I am still a new blogger (a little over 6 months old) I haven’t made much money from my writing. Mainly, I have earned blogging income from AdSense, donations through Ko-fi, and in the form of free books.

Before I ever started blogging, I found ways to make money online, from home, and often from my phone. So, I have decided to share what I have learned with my new audience. All of these following sites are ones I regularly use and have received money from in the past. These are legitimate. I have not made a livable income through these sites, but they are great for extra funds. I think of them as side hustles. They have provided me with funds for gifts throughout the year. They are especially effective if you shop online, exercise, grocery shop, and/or want to start investing.

Swagbucks is great for people who spend most of their day with an internet connection. You earn “swagbucks” by watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, playing games, downloading new apps, and/or playing a trivia game. The most simple way to earn is to play videos and build up funds. You can “watch” them through your computer or several different apps on your phone. If you add the Swagbucks Local app to your phone and connect your credit card, you automatically earn money back when you eat out at participating restaurants. When you shop online, simply activate the Swag Button to receive cash back. When you have built up some Swagbucks, you redeem them. The money is in the form of gift cards, which make excellent gifts, or it can be sent to your PayPal account. Any questions about how this works, simply email me at If you sign up under me, I earn 10% for life of whatever you earn, no cost to you. Refer your friends and you earn 10% for life. We can build and earn money together. I have made almost $400 from this website.


Inboxdollars is very similar to Swagbucks. You watch videos, complete surveys, download new apps through the offers, shop online, and receive daily emails. You can simply open the email and receive a penny. I know a penny does not sound like much, but they add up. Also, each email contains an offer to earn more Inboxdollars. You can also earn money searching the internet. Go to and use their search engine. Inboxdollars is laid out differently than Swagbucks, but overall it is the same principle. You automatically earn $5 when you sign up and I get a 10% referral bonus (no cost to you). You refer your friends and family, so you can also earn 10% when they make money. Everyone earns and builds together.


Ibotta is a shopping app for your phone. They have a variety of shopping categories covered: grocery, mobile shopping, alcohol, pharmacy, clothing, beauty & wellness, restaurants, convenience stores, home & electronics, crafts, and gifts. We all have to buy food, we might as well get a little cash back while we do it.


Would you like to get rewarded for working out? Earning the rewards may seem slow, but I do not know anywhere else which will reward me with $10 for recording my steps, food, exercise, and sleep. You earn 100 points for referring your friends. The app encourages each of us to work out with money. Let’s acheive fitness together.


Stash is the easy way to start investing. As little as $5 gets you started. When you click my link, you earn $5! Pick stock to invest in and let it grow. The app shows you the charts and information to help you make informed decisions. The dividends collect in your account and you can withdraw or reinvest the funds as you like. Stash even has a blog to teach you how to invest. I know I certainly do not know what I am doing. However, I have still managed to make more money with as little as $10 invested.

Each section heading is a referral link to join in making money with me. You can comment or contact me with any questions about these sites.

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