Fabulous, thrilling book!

Ana Rocha is a green, bad-ass undercover narcotics officer.

You do not want to put the book down, especially when the punches start rolling. Cannot wait for more! I can totally see this as an action, crime movie. People love action, detective stories, and a bad-ass female. I feel like Michelle Rodriguez would make an amazing Ana Rocha. Shadows of Justice reminds me of the newer Sherlock Holmes movies (the ones with Robert Downey Jr.) due to how the authors explain, slow down, and breakdown the fighting scenes. I have never been in a fight, so it’s necessary to explain to me how these things happen.

I am intrigued by its peek into the mind of someone who must live a split life. The criminal persona you wear while working an undercover job in the seedy depths of the underworld can easily leech into your real life. Having a partner that can pull off the leeches is vital. Ana is lucky enough to find such a partner in Brian. Who turns out has plenty of leeches himself. Can they help each other survive the tough streets of Houston while navigating normal life? I love books that look into the psychology of the people instead of just relaying the actions. The fights between fists is interesting but the real story is the fight between minds, even when they fight themselves. Shadows of Justice delves into both fights and interlocks them in a fantastic story.

Meet the Authors of this fabulous book…

Ammar Habib was born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1993. He is an award-winning and best selling author of several short stories and novels, including his DarkGuardian series. You can view his other works and follow him through the following links.

Glenda Mendoza has two decades of law enforcement experience serving in the Greater Houston Area. She has served in many capacities, including working as a Deputy Jailer, Patrol Officer, Narcotics Investigator, Special Investigative Unit Agent, involving various vice investigations and a District Attorney Investigator. Her experiences helped keep this novel authentic and ensured that Ana Rocha’s character remained true to life. Glenda currently works as a Threat Management Detective, working mental health investigations and criminal investigations involving threats of danger.

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10 thoughts on “Ana Rocha: Shadows of Justice”

  1. Great post. I am into reading myself. In fact, I am reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes on iBooks. I am a big fan of mystery and I want to read about all his adventures. This book suggestion seems very interesting to me and would be worth getting.

    1. Definitely worth the read! I also love Sherlock Holmes. I haven’t read all of the stories, but I’ve made it through a few of them. I also really enjoyed the BBC series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch.

  2. I have a goal to read more this year. I’ll have to add this one to my list of interesting reads.

  3. Great blogpost!
    I love anything that has a sense of thriller and mystery to it so this would be a great read for me!
    One of my favourite mystery writers is Agatha Christie, I love her books and TV adaptations!


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