March 25th of this year I went to Comicon in South Carolina. This was my first ever Comicon and I only managed to make it for the last two hours of the weekend. (Plans were made to attend on Saturday, but a sick baby delayed those.) However, I absolutely adored the experience! Even in the two shorts hours, I got pieces of the entire convention experience and cannot wait to enjoy more!!!

First of all, I went in a cosplay costume. If you ever go to a convention, I suggest you go in costume. It is a great conversation starter, especially for someone like me who almost never strikes up a conversation with a stranger. It is so much fun when you go as an obscure character as well. You have people asking questions about who you are. I loved when one guy stopped me to ask to take a picture. He knew exactly who I was, Aerith from FF7, and said he hadn’t seen any other Final Fantasy characters at the convention. I had seen several Harley Quinns and Belles, but the people who really stuck out in my mind were the random Five Night at Freddy’s character and the epic 7 foot Groot. Now, whatever you do, do not let me discourage you from going as whoever you see fit. I love Belle and Harley Quinn, so I was happy to see them. Go as who you want to be!

Second of all, oh my gosh at all the amazing artists!!! The booths set up are awesome! There are artists of paint, the written word, clay, wood, oil pastel, and every other medium! I could really talk all day about the talented people I saw. One that really stood out after the convention was Chroma Coma. The artist, W. Andrew Sheppard, uses oil pastels to create portraits of your favorite characters from a large variety of shows. He also does landscapes. They are quite stunning. I was upset to see no Final Fantasy characters, but I took his card to request one at a later date. I also saw someone who would paste comic book pieces onto wood. For example, he had a clipboard covered in Batman comic pictures. This art upset the bibliophile in me; however, he insisted he only used comics that were damaged and not rare. The last artist I will mention here made my children insanely happy. Amanda Bruce, the artist, does face painting and balloons. Her company makes characters out of balloons, paints faces, and attaches them to cups full of candy. It really is a great idea. She is available to be booked for events and parties at

If you make a point to visit a Comicon or any convention, bring money! You will want to buy everything there! Everything you purchase goes to support a small business owner, an artist, a fan, more conventions, and so many people like you. So even if you only buy a comic (I bought a couple 50 cent comics) make a purchase to support the amazing vendors. Now that being said, there may be a free gift here and there among the booths. Personally, I received a cosplay repair gift. It is so cute and useful. I was in shock when the lady said, “Go ahead and take one.” I had to double-check I heard her correctly. The kit has a box of multiple sized safety pins, a large gold safety-pin, sewing needles, thread, liquid fabric glue, a fabric glue stick, and double-sided tape. For a klutz like me who busted a button as I was walking out the door, this was a dream free gift. Thank you Dritz Sewing.

So all in all, I had a fabulous time at the SC Comicon! Cannot wait to go back next year on March 9th. Next time I may even enter the cosplay costume contest. πŸ˜‰

Here are a few more pictures of my time there. Please know this is an honest, unpaid review of the convention and all businesses mentioned. There are no affiliate links in this post. You can check out my cosplay costume HERE.

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