Four seasons in, this television show airs on the History Channel. Four blade smiths compete in making a variety of blades in challenging circumstances. At the end, the two smiths left compete for the championship by forging a historic weapon.

I am in love with this show for a few reasons

  1. I love blades. A lot of people see blades as merely decorative. Each of the weapons produced during this show are tested. These blades are made to take a beating and continue cutting.
  2. I am learning about forging techniques. Watch a season or two of this series and you will be yelling at the television. Statements like “That blade isn’t hot enough to hammer” “Don’t quench in water!!!” “That is going to break”
  3. All the historic blades are awe-inspiring. Can you imagine how smiths of the past made these weapons? These competitors have all the current power machines at their disposal, yet it is still a challenge to recreate the historic weapons.

11 thoughts on “Forged in Fire – TV competition”

  1. It’s a really fantastic show. I love when the split a bullet with a blade and my absolute favorite part is seeing the ballistics dummy slaughtered!

      1. Amanda you are correct; they are real but they aren’t being wasted. I copied this from FB: QA Jackie Sydney: on Forged in Fire, what happens with all the meat and fish after testing? do you guys just throw it out?

        UPDATE: Sept 14, 2017
        thanks to karen brown, she and i both managed to message Doug Marcaida. here is what he had to say:

        “The crew processes the good meat for themselves or donate them. Im trying to find out if the bad meat can be donated to a zoo.”

        Sorry for my delay; It’s been Spring Break with the grands!

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