Yesterday, March 2nd, was Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. 🎂 I was supposed to do a big activity with my children celebrating the joy of reading that Dr. Seuss has brought to children for decades. However, personal issues changed my plans. So, I decided to go with a much calmer action: My daughter and I reading The Lorax by Dr.Seuss while cuddled on the couch. This turned out to be a much better plan.

The Lorax gets a 10 out of 10 trees rating because it was printed on recycled paper and teaches about the importance of saving the environment. Plus, it is a classic, amazing, completely awesome book!

I love seeing my daughter enthralled in a book. In the case of The Lorax, she absolutely loves the pictures and gets the message without being able to read the words. She says they are Troll Trees because they have hair everywhere. 😂

She loves the colors, the trees, and the animals. She can see how the trees are chopped down and makes The Lorax (she called him a troll 😂) appear. Towards the end, she notices how nasty the sky gets, the animals go away, and the water is disgusting.

Now she may not get the full grasp of the ultimate quoted theme (pictured below) at the end of the story, but she is three. I am very proud she understands the concept of cutting down all the trees and trash makes the world nasty. She knows the power of a seed. It can grow into food, a tree, a flower, anything. The point is a seed, when nourished, grows into something grander. Her understanding makes me proud as a parent.

I love The Lorax so much! The beauty of Dr. Seuss’s message is that it transcends time. The preservation of our world will always be important. So much so, they adapted it into a new movie! This is a movie where they took it to the big screen and made it bigger and better. I believe Dr. Seuss would have loved the film. They took his passion and ideas for saving the world and expanded upon it with beautiful scenery and catchy songs with words that sink in! I feel like they took a 40 year old piece of art and placed a 21st Century frame around it. The result is an absolute masterpiece of old and new. This is what adaptations should be about! Keep the original and improve with the modern tools. You don’t need to chop up anything!

Take the time to read and watch The Lorax. Read it with the little ones. Play it on the television at daycares. Talk about it with everyone. Listen to the words, even the nonsensical ones, because they hold the message. It is nonsense to damage our home!

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  1. So many of my childhood memories are around books. I’m an utter book worm and it started with the Famous Five, Mallory Towers, my mum even wrote me a book where I was the princess! Your little one is lucky to have that love of books!

  2. I really loved reading Dr. Seuss books growing up — I remember my dad always got me a Dr. Seuss book for Chanukah up until I was about twelve or thirteen and gifted me Oh The Places You’ll Go for my college graduation. Dr. Seuss is a staple!

    Lovely post! x


  3. I completely agree with the message and the fantastic adaptation for the screen. The songs were so catchy in the movie that I, a twenty seven year old adult, am still singing them days later.

  4. I love The Lorax and Dr. Seuss is a childhood favourite. I hadn’t read the book until I’d seen the movie a few years ago and it’s beautiful. The message is so so important and I urge anyone to read/watch The Lorax when they get the chance. The movie is always on the TV over the holidays and I’m sure the book must be available on Amazon if not your local book store. Thank you for filling me with nostalgia this afternoon Amanda x

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