A fantastic, cute, and happy story about self-discovery. Perfection of the Glass Lemons is not a typical book on my reading list. However, I really enjoyed it. The story tells of Emma, a non-social and hyper-cautious lady, and her husband Jay, the exact opposite. I felt a connection with both characters and thoroughly enjoyed learning about them. Their journey inspires you to push your limits to better yourself, even if you have to break down crying in a gas mask.

Digging into the fiction, I love Emma and Jay. Emma is a bit neurotic. She refuses to sweat and keeps the house spotless. I connect with her on a personal level, because she is a content writer and loves to do immaculate research. I wish I had the scheduling commitment she has. I really could accomplish so much more. On the other hand, I do not envy her stress at every day things – shopping, public transportation, and sweat. Jay is a fantastic guy. He truly loves Emma just how she is, though he pushes her to challenge her boundaries. He is very sociable and eager to explore the world.

I love how this whole novel is written. It is beautiful how Emma and Jay see each other. They are completely in love with each other. Emma admires Jay’s strength, vitality, and courage; though she may not understand it. Jay sees Emma as beautiful, porcelain, and serene; though he hopes for her to have inner peace. They complete each other in a way that fosters growth and happiness. Take the time and read this novel, you will not regret it.

R. K. Mayer, the author of this brilliant work, also has a second novel up for publication. It is called The Place Where We Belong and promises to be another work of self-discovery and enlightenment. You can support its publication by nominating the novel on Kindle Scout. Just click here. Take a moment and support a brilliant new author.

Some information about R. K. Mayer…

She was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She has had many professions. R. K. was a teacher, a technical writer, and a manager in the software industry for almost two decades. Her shortest employment was two and a half hours in a clothing store. That was definitely not for her. She lives in Israel with her family and spends her time writing novels and poetry, creating resources for change management processes, and volunteering in the community.

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