LOVE the new movie!

I actually went and saw this movie in theaters! Considering my limited budget and required babysitter for such occasions, this is a BIG deal for me to plan and carry out. It was an amazing date night!

As much as I loved Tim Curry in the 1990 version, Bill Skarsgård as the new Pennywise stood up to his reputation. The glowing yellow eyes are intense and make him even creepier. The shark teeth combined with the internal deadlights give you chills calling forth the original fiction. They completely nailed the scares with each child AND the casting. The young actors and actress chosen were perfect for their respective roles. The directors stay in tune with the book. Even though I knew certain scare scenes were approaching, they still made me cringe. The bathroom scene is gory, disgusting, and, as a woman with long hair, completely freaked me out! Pennywise’s use of Georgie to torture Bill will break any siblings heart. Even Henry Bowers remains the complete asshole he was written to be in the novel, but with an insight into his backstory. The reason for his insanity may even give you a twinge of remorse for the young tortured boy. Due to the extended run time of the new film, we get to see a new level of the character development and their relationships with each other.

So many things were done right in this movie, no wonder it topped off box offices!

Setting records for money made by a horror film, IT has returned and there is plenty of fear for him to feed on this season!

Cannot wait another 27 years for Chapter 2 of the saga to come out. YAY! We only must wait until 2019.

1990 version

Classic horror movie. Will continue to love for all time! Tim Curry did a phenomenal job creeping us all out with simple makeup and a bone-chilling grin. Curry never needed a computer to enhance his creepiness. Casting was good. A lot of points of the relationships were glazed over, however they did cram a massive text into a few hours.

One main point better achieved in this version is the shape-shifting aspect of IT. We see him appear as a clown and a spider sending chills down our spines.

Due to a smaller time gap between publication and premiere date, as compared to the current film, the first version remained truer to several more aspects of the book. For example, The Loser Club uses a slingshot with silver ammo in both the book and original movie. Also, “Hi, Ho, Silver Away” is a largely used saying and relevant to most of the audience.

Which Version is Better?

I hate to disappoint my loyal readers, however I must wait to see the second half of the newest movie to fairly answer. For now, I must say the 1990 version holds a special place in the fearful part of my heart. Tim Curry will always be the best Pennywise. No offense Skarsgård, you gave it your all. As for when I take it all back to fiction, the newer movie really delves into the characters where the older version simply did not have the screen time. The verdict may still be out, but that does not mean you should not go watch IT!

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  1. Ahhh, it’s so tough to compare an awesome new version with one that you hold such special nostalgia for in your heart! I think you’ve treated them both very fairly here, well done 🙂 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the second film!

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