Welcome to Fiction

With this blog, I will be sharing my views on a large variety of media and taking them back to the fiction from which they were born. I aim to share with you a variety of adaptations – my favorites, my least favorites, and those that slip through the crack of popular notice. I will attempt to stay away from the super popular adaptations, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. These have already been discussed in immaculate detail and have entire sites dedicated to their examination. As a book lover, I am a hard critic on media torn from the pages I love. However, some film makers have done an excellent job bringing books to life. As much as I will avoid revealing too much, I would not be a proper fan if I did not warn you there may be spoilers. Spoilers will be marked with spoiler alert tags in areas where we discuss the book and media in more detail.

Look also for my Weekly Recommendations! These will be new shows, movies, books, and (sometimes) games discovered and shared with you. Most of the weekly recommendations will not be adaptations, but simply things I saw and enjoyed enough to share with you.

Check out these Categories!

New Author Support hosts book reviews for new and upcoming authors. All reviews are my honest opinions of the books provided to me as gifts from the authors. Interested authors can get in touch with me via Contact Us. I will also share my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

The Future Fiction is a work from our future writers, our young children. I hope to encourage and inspire writers from all ages to share with the world. Of course their identities will be protected, so feel free to suggest guest posts.

Living Fiction consists of blog posts about my personal cosplays and trips to conventions. I love bringing characters to life with costumes. Seeing others do the same amazes me. Conventions are an amazing place to meet like minded artists and buy awesome memorabilia.

Non-Fiction is a work in progress, much like all of life. It will tell of my real life trials and activities. For example, I love gardening and will be posting my updates. I will also share about my blogging journey and how I make money online.

Feel free to share comments and discussions. I reserve the right to eliminate trolls.

Enjoy the journey back to fiction!